Working with Boutiques

So, it's pretty obvious by now that I am dress obsessed, and I love love working with boutiques, and am still in awe, that I get the huge honor of photographing their gorgeous designs for them! This boutique in this post sent us some adorable, and super fluffy tutus to capture. The biggest thing that I try to do when photographing dresses, is to capture all of the dress, but to also do it in a way that is creative, and still gives the photographs a story- I'm a story teller, and a lot of my work is very personal, and sometimes a thousand conversations are happening in one photo. So what I always try to accomplish is to show the dresses in their best light, and add my style and story to them!

These Dresses are from the fabulous Boutique 3-21 

Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography
Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography
Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography
Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography
Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography
Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography
Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography
Boutique 3-21 Jennifer Lappe Photography

One Girl, One Light, One Feather, Infinite Imagination | Land O Lakes, FL Child Photographer | Tampa Photographer

I think the biggest thing that we(or at least me)as creatives struggle with is challenging ourselves to be bigger, be better, be more than our last piece. Sometimes that can be a good thing, others it's a spiral into self doubt, and the fear that what we do next won't be as good. Here is what we all need to realize though, that its all a process- I will fail, some of my work will not be as great as the ones before it, and that's okay. I think the times where I went into a project or an idea with pre conceived ideas or notions of how I wanted something to be with no flexibility was when my work suffered. Sure ideas and planning are a must, and going into a project with the overall picture of what you want to accomplish is a must. BUT there is also the adaptability factor that separates good from great- the ability to say, okay this was great in my head, but not so much applied, lets adapt.

Sometimes just challenging myself to do something simple as using one girl, one light, and one interesting thing stretches the creative muscles and gives me the freedom to explore. Here are some creative exercises that I do sometimes to help myself get out of the rut:

1. Use a simple backdrop- like seamless paper or a wall and play with different poses, different angles and different crops.

2. When outside, use what is around you to frame your subject- treat the environment around you like a frame- there is always something that can be used to help bring more interest to the photo, that can help tell your story better.

3. Use the light- play with different lighting- indoor, studio, full sun, golden hour. They all have separate challenges and can make amazing photographs. 

4. Connect with others. Know that you are not alone in this, we are all going through the same processes, and sometimes being inside your own head for a while can get stressful. Do something not related to photography, relax, go out. Sometimes the best ideas come when we are not thinking so hard about them. 

Downtown Ybor | Tampa Child Photographer | Dress Obsessed

So we had this gorgeous dress from Love Baby J, and I wanted to do a modern take on a Southern Belle in the City with it. These dresses are just so well made, and have so much potential for amazing photos, and really do make little girls feel like princesses. Here are some of my favorites from our Downtown Ybor shoot.

Land O Lakes Photographer | Tampa Child Photographer | Flower Session Favorites from 2016

This year was the first time we did sessions in the gorgeous Plant City Fox Squirrel Corn Maze- it was amazing!  Zinnias and sunflowers everywhere, I was in my happy place there for sure! Here are a few favorites from each session that we had- I cannot wait to go there next year and photograph even more amazing sessions!

Two of the cutest brothers ever! Siblings are a favorite of mine to capture!

Dress + Gorgeous Girl + Flowers = my favorite!

Another Adorable Sibling Session!

Just a doll! Seriously, my favorite thing ever!

Dimples for Days! I love my Job!

Flowers are my favorite

Listening to the Flowers

Land O Lakes Photographer | Tampa Child Photographer | Designer Dress Obsession

So if you have met me you know of my obsession with dresses- it is my absolute favorite thing in the world to play dress up with my daughter and clients. I just find something so fun in allowing little girls to dress up, and watch their faces light up and have them feel like a princess. I am so honored that I have been able to work with some amazing child couture dress designers, and even have my work represented on their sites and pages. It absolutely is my dream, and something I find such joy in doing.

The good news is that a lot of these dresses are available to my clients! Want a styled session- just ask!!

 Here are a few of my favorite photos with the designers sites linked to them!  

Dollcake is always such a favorite of mine that I go back to over and over! 

One of my favorite designers for children.  Anna Triant Couture dresses are magical. Every  time I see one I get so many ideas in my head of different concepts and themes for photo shoots- she just inspires my creative soul. 

Tutu Du Monde is another must have for any child photographer that does styled sessions. They are whimsical, versatile, comfortable, and just plain gorgeous. Can't decide on a wardrobe for a styled session? Tutu Du Monde is it! 

Yep- all Tutu Du Monde !

Another Anna Traint Dress , did I mention that she rents out dresses?! Clients.... you too can wear these amazing dresses!!!

Another one of my favorite designers! Love baby J has such a unique style. Their dresses can take you back in time, and inspire me to let my creative self free! 

Another Love Baby J , so so many creative uses for this dress!

Another Love Baby J, so much fun.

Land O Lakes Child Photographer | Tampa Area Fine Art Photographer | What we are all about

I wanted to make a little slideshow to show why I do what I do- why I think it is so so important to capture these memories, and not only capture them, but have a professional preserve them for you. You hire us to help you capture these memories, and it is our passion to do so.