Fine Art/Themed Photo Sessions | Tampa Child Photographer- What to expect

Fine art or themed photo sessions- what's different about booking this type of session, and what can you expect? 

These sessions are different from your typical portrait sessions in that there is a lot more planning involved, concepts are created, and an entire story is developed for these sessions. 

Think of a themed photo session like commissioning a piece of photographic art- we go into the session with a pre determined theme, which may include props, special clothing, and composites. 

Wardrobe for the sessions are carefully picked out, hair styles are decided, and accessories are chosen.

Do they have to be huge lavish over the top photos, no absolutely not- photos do not need to be over the top to tell your story, they do need to be carefully throughout and styled to showcase the most important thing- your child. 

These photo sessions are meant to be extremely special, and may only happen once in your child's childhood. They are meant to be the showstoppers that people stop and look at twice. They are meant to be displayed on your walls in a huge print to look back on when your child is an adult and remember that magic that was in us all when we were that young. 

Is the investment for these sessions more than a typical portrait photo session? Of course. This is a commissioned art project that your photographer will pour her heart and soul into, but the value of these are priceless. These sessions are the dreams of you and your child, and can take a while to plan and put together, but I have always been a firm believer that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. The value that you place on your photographs should never be the price. These are memories frozen, and no cost can be put on that. 

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Princess Styled Fine art Session